Best Cities for Successful Aging | Top 5 Large Metros Slideshow
The presence of Brigham Young University, one of the largest private universities in the U.S., and a pro-business environment make Provo the No. 1 city on our list. It also boasts a low incidence of chronic disease, thanks to healthy lifestyles and a focus on wellness. Provo is an excellent location for seniors who are relocating or hoping to age in place, with safety, security, high community engagement, quality health care, a healthy lifestyle, and opportunities for second careers and entrepreneurship.
Home to the respected University of Wisconsin, Madison is a hub of innovation and intellectual stimulation. A mid-size city with its own quality health-care system and cultural events, Madison and its residents also benefit from being just 150 miles from Chicago's amenities, services, and consumer markets.
The Greater Omaha area hosts the headquarters of five Fortune 500 companies, which contribute significantly to the area's financial well-being and are a testament to its low-cost environment. The metro is becoming a health-care hub for the surrounding area and a popular place for holding conferences.
It almost goes without saying: Few places are as innovative or offer as many opportunities for education and retraining as the Greater Boston area, home to more than 100 colleges and universities. For culture vultures, the area is full of theaters, historic places, lively lectures, and music venues.
Greater New York hosts two of the Top 20 hospitals in the U.S. Despite being the nation's financial capital, it did poorly in the financial category because of high taxes and many seniors facing financial distress. If you can afford to live there, the area has all the big-city amenities-and all the negatives, too.