Best Cities for Successful Aging | Top 5 Small Metros Slideshow
With a booming economy, low unemployment, and a rapidly growing financial infrastructure, Sioux Falls is a good place for seniors who want to work or start a second career. Its hospitals specialize in geriatric services, hospice, and rehabilitation, and the metro has recreation and an active lifestyle. But seniors might be turned off by the inclement weather and lack of contemporaries.
Home to the University of Iowa and its medical school, Iowa City has excellent health care, little crime, and relatively few seniors below the poverty line. On the flip side, housing and rentals are pricier than the median for small metros. Although its population skews younger, the presence of a young working-age population implies a solid fiscal base.
The capital city is reaping the benefits of North Dakota's oil and gas boom. It ranks high in senior employment, and the large service sector increases the chances of finding a job. If weather is not a high priority, Bismarck offers excellent opportunities for working seniors.
Thanks in part to a strong tax base, Columbia offers excellent educational facilities and health care. University-sponsored research is an incubator for innovation and new businesses, which gives seniors access to cutting-edge technology in health care and supports entrepreneurial activities. However, the metro is short on recreation and culture.
The Mayo Clinic, one of the best hospitals in the nation, is located here. Needless to say, this has attracted many health-care providers. Safe and secure neighborhoods offer a superior quality of life. But the sluggish economy and low college enrollment are definite weaknesses.